Fall Seasonal Produce for a Healthy You

Delicious Fall Seasonal Produce Fall seasonal produce always arrives like a gift at this time of year. It’s precisely why fall farmers markets are so popular, and why we think of bountiful harvest meals as being full of fall veggies, even though there are tons of fruits and vegetables that ripen in the summertime.

Their unique shapes and gorgeous colors make us want to buy a selection for a stunning display in our kitchens or even for centerpieces on our dining tables.  However, inside those hearty, affordable fall seasonal produce selections is a wealth of nutrients that are fantastic for your wellness, weight control, and taste buds.

What Makes Fall Seasonal Produce So Special?

Fall seasonal produce is impressive in a number of ways.  First, throughout the length of the spring and summer, these veggies have been slowly growing and absorbing the various nutrients from the earth, water and sunlight.  The result is a densely packed treat filled with flavor and astounding nutrition.  In fact, the nutrients in those veggies helps to explain some of its bright colors. All those vibrant yellows, oranges and greens are caused by important vitamins, minerals and other gifts to your health.

Next, fall seasonal produce is great because it is budget friendly.  Unlike berries and summer fruits, which can come with a surprising price tag, particularly considering their short shelf life, autumn veggies are often long lasting and quite inexpensive. That squash you pick up at the farmers market can last for months when stored properly, will provide more than one meal and costs only pennies per serving.

Finally, fall seasonal produce is fantastic because it tastes absolutely perfect at this time of year.  It’s a feast for the eyes as its colors match the changing leaves outside your windows, and it’s a feast for your taste buds because of the rich, earthy flavors that suit both savory and sweet dishes all season long.

Don’t Skip This Fall Seasonal Produce This Year

If you’re headed to a farmers’ market, grocery store, roadside stand or will even be harvesting from your own garden, here is some of the best fall seasonal produce you can eat (and some ideas for preparing them!).


Yes, the pumpkin. We may as well talk about it first because it’s typically the top fall veggie to pop into our minds, even if most of us don’t actually eat all that much of it.  That needs to change! This fall seasonal produce is cheap, abundant, and way better for you than you may think. It’s packed with fiber, chock full of vitamins for healthy eyes, and can be used in everything from desserts and lattes to stir fries and stews. Don’t miss the chance to try some pumpkin oatmeal this year with cinnamon and a touch of maple syrup for the best start to your day you’ve ever had!

Brussels Sprouts

Before you scrunch your nose like you did when you were a kid, give this fall seasonal produce a chance. Yes, you can have them boiled or steamed, but try cooking them in a pan in orange juice or try roasting them with pomegranate and hazelnuts.  Your opinion is about to change!

Swiss Chard

Most of us don’t even think of Swiss chard unless a recipe specifically calls for it. But in 1 cooked cup (which is a huge amount!) you’ll eat only 35 calories but take in over 700 percent of your vitamin K needs, over 200 percent of the vitamin A you need, and about 53 percent of your daily vitamin C. On top of the hit of fiber, vitamin E, copper and calcium, your body will love you for your choice.  Toss it into a soup, wilt it in a pan, or add it to your baked beans.

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