Highly Effective Exercises That Don’t Need Any Equipment

Effective Exercises That Don’t Need Any Equipment When you’ve got the right moves, exercises that don’t need any equipment are all you’ll require. There’s nothing against using the machine at the gym when you want results. However, when you want to get the job done at home or in a hotel room, it’s great to have alternatives. Even better, it’s good to know the right moves that won’t need you to purchase expensive equipment that is tough to store.

Getting off machines and using exercises that don’t need any equipment can also be great because you’ll enjoy a workout with better range of motion. Machines target specific muscles or groups of muscles. This is fantastic for reaching goals that involve those muscles. However, your body isn’t just made up of individual components. It’s a complete working unit.

Use These Exercises That Don’t Need Any Equipment to Get Started!

1. Burpees

Yes, those burpees your personal trainer wrote on your exercise list are just as good as he or she said they would be. They work your butt, thighs, calves, hips, core, chest, shoulders and triceps. This dynamic movement can give your body a complete workout while building up quite a sweat as you do it. There are tons of good quality burpee tutorials on YouTube that can help to get you going in the right direction.

2. Mountain Climbers

These give exceptional training to your arms, shoulders and upper body while building lower body strength at the same time. They support flexibility building and even help you get a cardio boost. It’s a lot happening all at the same time, which is fantastic for a single dynamic movement.

3. Bear Crawl

Bring out your inner child by moving about a room, yard or park with a bear crawl. At first, it’s tough to do without laughing at yourself, but once you get going with these exercises that don’t need any equipment, you’ll find that they quickly turn into a cardio workout. You’ll soon find yourself breaking a sweat and experiencing a faster heart and respiratory rate. These will all provide you with fantastic training, all without buying any equipment at all.

By adding these three exercises that don’t need any equipment, those days when you can’t make it to the gym can still provide you with a great workout. In fact, mixing these in on a regular basis can be sure that your whole body is regularly trained, not just specific groups of muscles.

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