Grow Your Own Healthy Ingredients in an Easy Vegetable Container Garden

Easy Vegetable Container Gardening for Weight LossA big back yard isn’t the only way for you to grow your own food when you know the right tricks for growing an easy vegetable container garden. Container gardening is the perfect solution to making sure you always have your own fresh food even when you have a very limited space. Whether you have a balcony or even just a sunny window, you have enough space to make something grow.

An easy vegetable container garden can fit anywhere. A patio, balcony, rooftop or sunny window will all let you grow vegetables, leafy greens or herbs. Done right, these don’t take much effort at all and will provide you with veggies with more flavor and nutrients than anything you’d buy at the grocery store.

Use These Helpful Tips to Create an Easy Vegetable Container Garden

  • Use the largest pots you can – The more space you can give your plants, the more the roots and plants will be able to grow. The bigger they are, the more food they will yield.
  • Dark colored pots hold more heat – Most veggies will grow faster and produce more when they are warm. Dark colored pots, such as black ones, hold the most heat.
  • Know how much your pots need to be watered – Some plants need lots of water, others need less. Pay attention to how much rain they are getting and how much sun and heat. The hotter and sunnier it is, the more water they will need. In the hottest part of the summer you may need to water twice per day.
  • Hanging pots are great options for tiny spaces – Get more out of your small garden space by using both hanging pots and containers on the ground. This way, you can create an easy vegetable container garden with the most options. Strawberries, cherry tomatoes and herbs are all great in hanging pots.
  • Get great drainage from your pots – Add an inch of gravel to the bottom of each pot beneath the soil to ensure proper drainage.
  • Fertilize your pots – Make sure your container gardens are well fed. A liquid fertilizer used twice a month will provide an easy vegetable container garden that won’t run out of steam partway through the season

Choose the Right Plants for an Easy Vegetable Container Garden

Pick plants that don’t need a tremendous amount of root space and that will mature quickly. Some of the best plants for an easy vegetable container garden include:

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Radishes
  • Beans
  • Peas and snow peas
  • Onions
  • Herbs

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