How to Drop a Pant Size Quickly and Easily

Drop a Pant Size fastWeight loss doesn’t have to be as perplexing as a university level calculus course. With the right strategies you can drop down to the pant size of your dreams. Quickly and easily is relative, but our tips will definitely get you there and more importantly will help you stay there, instead of causing you to jump around the weight scale like a kid on a pogo stick. Follow these how to drop a pant size tips so you can feel like a million bucks next time you go out:

Cut the C’s
The rules of how to drop a pant size are not overly complicated. You have to cut back on calories and the easiest and quickest method to achieve this is to cut out the junk food. To drop the calories, skip on the damaging Cs: chocolate, chips, cookies, cakes, croissants and colas.

Merely scratching out these problematic foods from your diet will ensure you can lower your caloric intake by 500 calories daily, which will put you on your way to weight loss.

Drink Water
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Get Moving
We know this is supposed to be an easy to-do-list, but cardio workouts help burn calories faster than a kid gobbling up a chocolate bar. Ok, maybe not so quickly! To make this easy to implement, you can adopt cardio workouts you enjoy instead of the mundane jogging, swimming or walking session. Sports fans can enjoy individual sports, such as badminton or tennis, or team sports, like basketball or a soccer game. You can also count as cardio the minutes you put in for regular household chores, such as vacuuming, cleaning windows or floors and scrubbing the bathroom tub. Inserting cardio sessions into your daily schedule doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be done.

No Fad Dieting
No, please don’t join another fad diet. Avoid those like the plague. They may be good for a short-term boost, but you will quickly regain any weight lost before you are able to drop even half a pant size. Fads come and go and diet fads have the same effect on your weight. Instead of jumping on the next diet bandwagon, make small lifestyle changes that can be sustained over the long-term. Small modifications to your life will be easy to adopt before tackling a new healthy habit. Incremental changes are the best way forward to drop your weight.

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