The Cardio Machines You Should Be Using to Lose Weight

Cardio Machines for weight loss

Cardio machines can be the most spectacular tool in your workout arsenal for burning fat.  These types of exercises are the form that will blast through the most calories and body fat because they use the most energy while you’re doing them.

Selecting Cardio Machines for Your Home Gym

When you choose equipment, make sure you’re opting for something you’ll be willing to use over the long term. This is important because cardio machines are generally not cheap or small.  The last thing you want to do is spend your money and your limited space on something that will be used temporarily and will be a nuisance to remove.

Moreover, if you are counting on your cardio machines to keep up your activity level, then it’s important to find something you’ll be committed to using over time.  Therefore, your equipment will need to have certain characteristics.


Make sure the cardio machines you buy are options you can afford. Remember that there is always the risk that you will lose interest in them.  Therefore, be sure to know it is either something well within your budget or that you will know how to sell second-hand.


Look into the features of the exercise equipment you’re considering. Remember that you’re going to want to use it over time. This means that you will likely get fitter and better at it while you’re using it.  Therefore, make sure you can adjust the machine so that you can start on an easier setting that is appropriate for your fitness level right now, but that you can increase the challenge over time so you won’t “outgrow” your machine when your fitness level improves.


Cardio machines are often clunky and heavy.  Unless you have a dedicated space for your workout equipment, be sure that the option you’re choosing is small enough that you can position it in a room in a way that you’ll like it, possibly behind a privacy screen.  Otherwise, look for options that fold easily to be stored in closets or under a bed when guests come over.  That said, do try to leave them out as much as possible.  Remember that the easier it is to use the machine, the more likely you are to use it.  Therefore, if you need to drag something out from under a bed and set it up, you’ll be less likely to use it regularly.

The Right Cardio Machines for Your Workout

There is a wide range of cardio machines to choose from when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. Here are a few to get you started:


There is a reason why treadmills are popular among the gym going crowd. They can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals without straining you out. If you are planning to lose weight, a treadmill should be on your list of must-haves. That one thing that treadmills are great at doing is helping you burn calories. You can choose to walk slowly, take a light jog, or even run at full tilt when using a treadmill.

Also, with a treadmill within reach you don’t need to head to the gym every day to work out. You can easily work out for half an hour every day, which is enough for staying in shape. This is the reason why you should definitely have a treadmill for losing weight.

Group Cycling Bike

You are likely to come across stationary bikes in most gyms but the ones that boost weight loss are likely to be found in a group exercise studio. You can ride them solo or during a class. Indoor cycles that are made for group cycling are superior when it comes to adjusting seat height, saddle fore, handlebar height, fore and aft positions. The more you adjust the machine according to your body shape and weight, the more comfortable you will be on your cycle and the more you are likely to keep cycling. This will definitely enable you to lose a lot of weight. These indoor bikes are made to imitate outdoor cycling so the experience is also great and the health benefits are amazing.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are back in town! Rowing machines are among the best cardio machines which, if combined with group classes, have the features to help you make the most out of this workout. The comfortable seat and the ergonomic design of the handle make you test your limits of time and pressure. This weight machine is the best solution for burning calories.


This is one of the best cardio machines you will ever come across. It’s similar to a treadmill but has steps, so you can say this machine makes you climb stairs in reality. It is quite effective for burning calories and losing weight. With this machine, you can climb up to 10 to 20 flights of stairs! The idea is to work against the force of gravity while supporting your full body weight. You have to lift and move your foot from one step to another, causing you to create additional movement and burn more calories.

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