Cannabis and Weight: What You Need to Know ​

Cannabis and Weight LossThe connection between cannabis and weight is one that has caused a certain amount of controversy over the last several years. That said, as this substance becomes more broadly accepted in mainstream culture, many people are choosing to boost their education regarding both the benefits and drawbacks of cannabinoids ad THC.

As much as some of the most common thoughts about cannabis and weight usually has to do with having the munchies and eating something high in calories, this is not the complete picture. The truth is that consuming cannabis may help to reduce insulin resistance. Moreover, it could also improve fasting insulin and enhance the metabolism.

This relationship between cannabis and weight can help to explain why a growing number of athletes and even people who are moderately active in recreational fitness have started tinkering with its regular consumption.

While cannabis may have been seen as a type of public enemy for a while, that is the case on a decreasing level. For people who are exercising as a part of their weight management efforts may benefit from the appropriate use of cannabis. The reason is that it improves the way insulin is used by the body. In this way, it helps to ensure that you are receiving steady energy levels from the foods you eat, as opposed to spikes and crashes that are only harmful in the long run.

The problem with those spikes and crashes is that it decreases the efficiency of the use of glucose in your bloodstream. When efficiency drops, fat storage can increase, causing weight gain. That said, when insulin is handled properly by the body, glucose is better used, reducing the risk of weight gain and improving the ease of weight loss.

A study published within the American Journal of Medicine looked into the fasting insulin levels of regular cannabis users. They also examined the insulin resistance levels and waist circumferences. The study’s conclusion was that cannabis users generally saw improvements in all those areas when compared to non-cannabis users.

That said, the key to benefiting from this substance is in using it properly. Simply consuming it in any way isn’t necessarily going to help with weight loss. In fact, over consumption can lead to overeating. Before using this type of weight loss strategy, it’s a good idea to consult with a doctor.

If cannabis is not legal where you live, there are some great results for helping with energy and weight management, including TrimThin X700.

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