These Workout Moves Burn the Most Fat

burn the most fat with exerciseWhen your exercise goal is primarily to burn fat, it makes sense that you should want to choose the specific moves that will help you to get the job done the most quickly. That said, there are an awful lot of exercises out there, so it’s difficult to know whether you should be running, cycling, using the elliptical or doing some strength training instead. This can make it quite challenging to come up with a fitness routine that will allow you to burn your way through the most amount of fat in the least amount of time.

To start, burning the most fat isn’t a matter of repeating the same handful of moves. Instead, you need to create a complete exercise program that is made up of a range of different types of activities, among which you should include some serious fat torchers. That said, your workout should include cardio (your fat burning champion), as well as strength training (which helps you to burn more fat both while you’re doing cardio and while you’re idle), and yoga or Pilates, to help boost your flexibility and strength so you’ll be able to do the other forms of exercise more effectively and reduce your risk of injury.

That said, once you have a complete routine put together, including all three forms of exercise, it’s a good idea to include some strategies that are known to be great for blasting their way through the most fat. That way, you can feel sure that you’re getting the most out of every minute that you’re spending exercising.

To start, think about high intensity interval training (HIIT) to help to maximize your energy burn within the least amount of time. This means that you will be alternating between times of intense exercise where you put absolutely everything into your performance, and times of much lower intensity or even rest. This style forces the body to expend the highest amount of energy – fueled by fat and calories.

Consider doing this type of workout at least one time per week, if not two. The rest of the days should focus on more traditional cardio, strength training and yoga. Try not to do your HIIT workout too frequently or you could risk injuring yourself as you will need recovery time between workouts.

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• Burpees
• Star jumps
• Jumping jacks
• Dumbbell rows
• Pushups
• High knees

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