Belly Fat Balloons Back after Crash Diet (Science Proved It!)

Crash Diets and Belly FatNew research presented at a American Physiological Society conference showed belly fat comes ballooning back after crash dieting. In fact, the attendees at the Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Diseases: Sex-Specific Implications for Physiology conference in Knoxville, Tennessee learned that there are many long-term repercussions to these short-term extreme diets.

Crash diets have been around for more than a century. Women are more likely to fall victim to them than men. They typically promise to rapidly reduce belly fat in a short period of time. Unfortunately, research has shown that they do far more harm than good. In fact, they’re more likely to cause pounds to pack on around the middle than to disappear.

Belly Fat Boosting Diets

Aside from causing more belly fat among crash dieters, these extreme strategies also risk damaging the heart, circulatory system and kidneys. The researchers examined female rats when requiring them to undergo calorie reductions similar to those humans would experience with fad diets. The amount given to the rats paralleled the type of reduction a human would have if they dropped their daily caloric intake from 2,000 to 800.

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After the Crash Diet

Nearly as soon as the rats went back to eating normally, their cycling was completely restored. This caused body weight, blood pressure and heart rate to return to normal. That said, there was an important difference noted by the researchers: belly fat.

Throughout the three months that followed the three day crash diets, the rats accumulated a high amount of belly fat. The abdominal fat levels rose much more than that of the control group, which had continued to eat the same daily caloric intake without the temporary crash diet. Within that time, a number of other “troubling” factors appeared, said the study.

For example, the rats that had the crash diet started producing the angiotensin II hormone. That hormone is a contributor to increased blood pressure and was notably higher in the crash diet rats than the ones that had eaten normally. Combined with the increase in belly fat, the researchers found that crash dieting can place people at risk of increased body weight – especially abdominal fat – and could experience a number of preventable long-term health risks.

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