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Most people will tell you that diet and exercise are the most important factors when it comes to weight loss in 2021.  But now, it’s also ideal to have the best Android weight loss apps on your phone, to give you an important advantage. The challenge is that Google Play offers hundreds upon hundreds of different Android weight loss apps, making it difficult to know precisely which one is right for you.

Hunting Down the Best Android Weight Loss Apps in 2021

Trying to find the best Android weight loss apps can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.  Since some applications are pretty sketchy, that analogy works even better, since there’s always the chance of getting stuck by the needle before you find it!

Many of us talk to our friends for advice first. You’ve likely already tried the Android weight loss apps your best friends like the most. Those may or may not suit your needs and expectations.

It’s important to keep in mind that we all live different lifestyles and have unique habits, strengths and weaknesses. We have different priorities when it comes to the weight loss efforts we’re making. As a result, we need to make sure the Android weight loss apps we choose will reflect our own preferences and priorities. This may mean that your best friend’s app is the ideal choice for you. Then again, it could mean that you’ll need to look somewhere else for the perfect app to help build your motivation to lose weight.

Getting Started in Finding the Best Android Weight Loss Apps for You

To start, it’s important to make sure you’ve selected the right healthy weight loss strategy. If you’re fad dieting or crash dieting, all the applications out there won’t help you to lose the weight and keep it off. It’s far better if you start off by talking to your doctor about the right rate of weight loss you should be keeping and the best weight loss pills to take for support. You’ll also want to learn how to build a better understanding of the food you’re eating and follow a fitness appropriate exercise routine.

After developing your strategy, you will be better equipped to decide which of the top five 2021 Android weight loss apps will be best for you. This is because you’ll know what types of challenges you’re likely to face, and the tools you’ll be able to use to overcome them.

Top 5 Best Android Weight Loss Apps 2021


MyFitnessPal is by far among the most popular and well known Android weight loss apps. It allows users to quickly and easily track their food intake and exercise. At the same time you can build a community with your friends. This free app allows you and your friends to encourage each other along the way. Motivation is a very large component of this app’s success.

The app was developed by Under Armour. It provides access to a tremendous nutrition database of about one million different foods. That database is easily searchable and is always growing. Users can add their own ingredients, products, and recipes for their own records or to share with others.

There is both an Android and iPhone version of MyFitnessPal. The app can also be accessed on a computer through its official website.

Furthermore, it connects with a range of different wearable apps such as Fitbit, Runtastic, Jawbone UP, Endomondo, Withings, Pact and others. It is even able to sync with a Bowflex Max Trainer.

Lose It

This is one of the free Android weight loss apps available. Also available on iOS, it is designed for achievable, healthy weight loss that is sustainable over time.

When you create a profile on the app, the data is accessed through the app or the official Lose It website. This allows you to see your information on either your phone or your computer, whichever is most convenient for you at the time.

This application is focused on food and exercise, but it also offers a social component. Social features can be very helpful for keeping informed and motivated. The other users can be highly supportive. Connecting with others through your different devices can help you to feel less alone in the challenges you’re facing.

The combination of information about fitness and nutrition, along with the social support offers dieters a complete system. It encourages users to treat themselves right and keep up positive efforts over time. It is a free app, though there is a premium option for $39.99 per year. This upgrade offers additional meal planning, tracking and other perks.


Sweatcoin is one of the most unique Android weight loss apps on this list. It pays you by encouraging you to keep up your workouts and get in shape. It is based on steps using your wallet to help you remain motivated to move every day. For many people, a little bit of extra digital currency can go a long way in helping them to decide to get up and move instead of skipping their workout for that day.

Moreover, the Sweatcoin app doesn’t require you to stick to a strict weight loss plan. Instead, you can stay on track with your fitness each day. Even if you aren’t heading to the gym for a HIIT workout, it drives you to walk every day and meet your daily step goal. If you’ve ever needed motivation to get yourself outside and walking, this may be it.

Think you can beat the system sitting on the couch to watch TV? Prepare to be sorely disappointed. The steps only count when you are outside. Therefore, if you are the type of person who does all your walking on a treadmill, you won’t find yourself earning many Sweatcoins.

Also at the Apple App Store, this is one of the Android weight loss apps that wants you to head outside and get some fresh air as you pound the pavement and build up your daily steps to lose weight. Every 1,000 steps you take earns you about one Sweatcoin. Once you accumulate enough Sweatcoins, you can purchase digital or physical products. These can include anything from Audible audiobooks, the Tidal music app, Skullcandy headphones or Harry’s facial care products, to contributing to crowdfunding causes that are important to you.


No list of Android weight loss apps in 2021 would be complete without talking about Fitbit’s application. Also available for the iPhone, this application is the companion to the popular fitness trackers.

The application lets you track and record a wealth of different metrics.  These include everything from steps to calories burned, distance traveled, stairs climbed, sleep length and quality, calories and macronutrients, cups of water, heart rate (current and average resting heart rate), number of consecutive hours in which you took 250 or more steps, number of days per week in which you exercised, menstrual health, and mindfulness (which tracks when meditations have been completed through the app).

The application also includes a community feature, in which you can cheer on or taunt friends with whom you’ve connected through the app. It also provides challenges you can try on your own or as a team or in competition with your friends. It offers a “Discover” section in which additional information is available through wellness reports on your own data, assessments, articles and videos.

Though the app is free and offers many of its features in this version, there is also a premium version of the application offered as a subscription which unlocks more features, particularly in the form of videos, meditations, and additional insights based on collected data.


This app is straightforward and simple. It’s can help you get to know exactly what kind of foods you want to eat. It also warns you about the foods you should leave at the grocery store. Use this application to learn what nutrition labels don’t tell you.

Android phone users can scan a product’s barcode. Once scanned, you’ll receive fast and simple information. Discover facts about ingredients, nutrition, and whether or not you should consider the product to be healthy overall.

If you’re not sure about something, the Fooducate community is there for you. Ask your questions there. The community will share their knowledge, support and opinions. They can share more about healthy foods to add to your plate.

Time to Pick the Android Weight Loss Apps that will Help You Reach Your Goal

These are far from the only Android weight loss apps, but they’re certainly a great place to start when you’re looking to find just the right one for meeting your weight loss goals.

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