Why Females Should Lift Heavier: 3 Powerful Benefits

Why Females Should Lift Heavier WeightDespite the fact that females should lift heavier in many circumstances, many of us are hesitant to do so. There is a great deal of misinformation and stigma attached to resistance training among women.

Among the main barriers to strength training despite the fact that females should lift heavier is fear. Women are regularly told that lifting is bad for their joints, that it’s dangerous, that they’ll end up becoming bulky, or that once they start lifting they need to keep doing or all that muscle will be converted into fat.

Absolutely none of those common beliefs are true. Most doctors and trainers feel that fit females should lift heavier if they’ve reached the maximum benefit that their current training can bring them. The truth of the matter is that as long as you train properly, it’s not dangerous and you won’t hurt yourself.

Furthermore, unless you’re taking special supplements, you won’t bulk up, you’ll merely tone. Large, bulky muscles in men are the result of the presence of testosterone in combination with proper nutrition and bodybuilding strategies. Women don’t naturally have nearly as much testosterone as men. Therefore, while we can tone our muscles, give them shape and burn the surrounding fat, the size of the muscles remains quite limited.

With those misunderstandings out of the way, you might like to know why lifting heavier is even worth the bother.
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Consider the following top three reasons why females should lift heavier:

Faster and easier fat loss

Muscles are fat burning powerhouses. They need energy. That comes in the form of food calories and stored body fat. Therefore, the stronger you make your muscles, the more energy they’ll burn through, even when you’re just sitting around or sleeping. Lifting heavier can help your body to become a healthy weight loss machine.

You can eat more

Once you reach your weight loss goal, you can eat more of the foods you love because your body will continue to burn through calories. If you’re someone with a naturally large appetite, then this is great news. That extra bite of cheesecake won’t make you feel guilty anymore.

You’ll improve your body shape

A well toned body has awesome curves. Yes, you’ll slim down from less fat, but you’ll maintain a great shape. In fact, the more toned you are, the more inclined your body will be to create that ever-so desirable hourglass shape, making this one of the best reasons why women should lift heavier.

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