How to Determine How Much Weight You Need to Lose

how much weight you need to lose

It can be difficult to decide how much weight you need to lose simply by looking in the mirror.  Even knowing how much you weigh on the scale isn’t always clear guidance.  What is your healthiest weight? How much do you need to lose to get there? These aren’t questions with obvious answers.

We all have our own answers to these questions because our bodies are all unique.  There are many resources that can be used in order to discover them for ourselves in a safe way for healthy results.

Challenges Dropping the Weight You Need to Lose

Many overweight individuals who want to lose weight end up abandoning their regimens midway. This is typically because they are not experiencing the results they expected. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is the actual regimen. Most people attempt improper regimens that do not work.

The second reason is the weight loss goal. If you set unrealistic goals, then you are more likely to be disappointed and eventually give up the routine. This is why you should set realistic goals. The first step in determining your weight loss goals is to find out how much weight you need to lose.

Losing Too Much Weight

If an individual focuses on losing weight, the weight loss should be relative to the person’s body type and initial weight. Although losing excess weight is quite difficult, it is not impossible. Most overweight individuals who follow a regimen in a dedicated manner can end up losing too much weight.

While being overweight is harmful for the body, so is being underweight. The average BMI for an adult is anywhere between 19 and 25 kg/m2. If your intended weight loss goal lands you at a BMI below 19, you should reconsider. There are many online calculators that will help you calculate how much weight you need to lose.

Ideal Weight for an Individual

You can encounter all sorts of complications if you lose more weight than you should. Therefore, you should use online calculators to realize your actual weight loss goal. For instance, if you have a body weight of 110 kg and your height is 5’11”, then you should input those numbers to calculate how much the ideal weight for your body should be. Most individuals may aim to attain a body weight of 60 kg. However, this may not be a healthy weight level in accordance with your body type. For an individual who is 5’11” tall, the ideal body weight is 75 to 80 kg.

A Regimen That Fits the Weight You Need to Lose

One of the most important aspects of losing weight is following a regimen that works for you. In most cases, overweight individuals will try difficult regimens. These regimens work, but they are intended for individuals who are in a fair physical shape to begin with. These weight loss programs are extremely difficult and, in most cases, next to impossible for obese individuals to follow regularly. This is why you should follow a reasonable weight loss routine.

It’s very important to choose a strategy for how to drop weight you need to lose that you’ll be able to keep up over the long term. Aim for something that isn’t so restrictive or difficult that you will give up early or stop once the weight is gone.

Remember that your goal isn’t just to eliminate the weight you need to lose.  It’s to make sure it doesn’t come back again. If you don’t know what you’ll be able to do over time – that is, what type of healthy lifestyle changes you can make long-term – it’s a good idea to speak with a professional.  This will give you the opportunity to start off on the right foot.

Not only will this help you to see results sooner, but it will also help you to remain motivated to keep going over time. After all, few things are more frustrating than discovering your weight management strategy isn’t working and that you have to start over again – and again.

Once you determine the ideal weight you need to lose, you will find it easier to realize your goals. When you get onto the right track, you’ll be able to keep going with drive and a great chance of success.

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