Can You Regain Weight After Bariatric Surgery?

Can you regain Weight After Bariatric Surgery?An estimated 50% of patients will regain 5% of the lost weight after bariatric surgery. While a little bit of regained pounds won’t typically hurt much, the key is to adopt the right habits to help make sure bodyweight remains under control.

Why Can You Regain Weight After Bariatric Surgery?

Obesity is a serious disease associated with a number of associated health problems, also known as comorbidities.  Among them are many issues that can make it exceptionally challenging to keep bodyweight controlled within a certain healthy range when using conventional lifestyle-based means.

After undergoing the procedure, you will need to keep up several important changes to your lifestyle that will help you use the benefits of the surgery to your best advantage. This will support your weight management goals and promote your progress toward their achievement. That said they don’t stop there.

After all, healthy bodyweight management isn’t a temporary effort, but one that must be sustainable over a lifetime.

Therefore, even with this surgery and strong results, a relapse is possible, and you can regain some or – more rarely – all the weight after bariatric surgery. Still, it’s important for you to remind yourself that this procedure is among the most effective known obesity treatments ad has one of the highest weight maintenance over the long term, according to the Mayo Clinic.

How to Maintain Positive Bodyweight Management Results

The key to ongoing success with your weight after bariatric surgery is to keep up the healthy habits recommended to you by your doctor(s).  This might include a number of behavioral interventions, which most likely involve healthy changes to your diet, exercise, sleep, and even stress management habits.

It’s important to remember that healthy weight management isn’t just a matter of changing one thing. Instead, it is typically best achieved when adopting healthier lifestyle habits throughout several parts of your life that intersect. After all, when you’re eating better nutrition, it supports your exercise performance, which supports calorie burning, stress-control and better sleep, each of which make it easier to continue eating nutritious meals, and so on.

Beyond your healthy lifestyle habits adopted to lose weight after bariatric surgery, keep up your regular appointments with your doctor, even if it’s a matter of an annual check-up. This will help to keep you up to date regarding your accurate bodyweight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and other wellness factors. It will also provide you with the opportunity to keep yourself up to date with your doctor and ask any questions you might have. These all contribute to remaining mindful about your weight after bariatric surgery, and your health from a broader perspective.

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