Reduced Mortality Seen Years After Weight Loss Surgery

After Weight Loss Surgery

What to expect after weight loss surgery isn’t always a clear subject to many people who are considering these procedures.  The advantages and drawbacks regularly make their way into news headlines.  This is particularly true if a celebrity has undergone the process.  However, what is not often discussed is what life will look like upon returning home.

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Are Hidden Food Sensitivities Causing Your Weight Gain?

Hidden Food Sensitivities and weight

A surprising number of us suffer from hidden food sensitivities and have no idea what impact they are having on our wellness and quality of life. When most of us think of food allergies, we tend to think of the most obvious and blatant cases out there. Celiac disease has received a great deal of attention lately, and though it can be scary it tends to be the more extreme instance of how food can irritate the system. Lactose intolerance is another example that has had quite a bit of time in the spotlight.

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