The Active Ingredients in TRIMTHIN X700 and How They Help

Active Ingredients in TrimThin SR

The active ingredients in TRIMTHIN X700 are the key to the benefits this formula provides.  Knowing what they are and what the clinical research has said about them can help you to know exactly how they can benefit you, whether they’re the ideal product for your weight loss strategy, and how your eating habits and workouts can be adapted to best suit the benefits you can experience through its use.

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The 5 Best Teas That Replace Coffee for a Healthier Boost of Energy

Best Teas That Replace Coffee

Most people simply consume coffee because of the energy boost it provides. While there are many benefits of drinking coffee, there are quite a few disadvantages as well. This is why many people choose to switch to healthier alternatives.  They want to be able to achieve the same energy benefits, while enjoying other advantages such as a boost in antioxidants. Continue reading

Is Coffee Before a Workout a Good Idea?

Coffee Before a Workout

Should you be drinking coffee before a workout?  Had that idea ever crossed your mind as an option? With all the recommendations for water and the various types of sports and energy drinks on the shelves, most of us wouldn’t think of regular coffee as an option.

That said, if you watch closely enough, you may have noticed many bodybuilders and athletes consuming coffee prior to a workout. There is an ongoing debate in the fitness world regarding whether or not this is beneficial. So, is coffee before a workout a good idea?

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