The Strangest Reasons for Weight Gain

Reasons for Weight Gain

The reasons for weight gain are mysterious to say the least. While modern science presently struggles to find all the explanations, much of what causes weight gain is still quite strange.

Are All Reasons for Weight Gain Understood?

Indeed, the functionality of the human body is a marvel of biomechanics, but that doesn’t mean it can’t eventually be understood and/or manipulated. Regardless, the best way to ever make it that far as a fitness-minded society is to consider the strangest reasons for weight gain and then try to make sense of the information based on our limited understanding.

What Are Some Unexpected Reasons for Weight Gain?

People typically gain weight because of poor eating habits, irresponsible lifestyle choices, or a combination of both. However, sometimes the reasons for weight gain can get a little bit trickier than that. Take these strange causes for example:

1. Not Changing Lifestyle Habits to Support Transformations Made by Diet Pills

While diet pills are a remarkably effective means of burning body fat, they cannot continue their effectiveness once they are no longer being taken. Even the best diet pills on the market can only get you where you want to be and cannot sustain your weight loss no matter how much you want to remain thin. Strange as it may be, one of the reasons for weight gain just so happens to be the irresponsible use of diet pills. In order to get the best results, simply structure and follow healthy eating and living habits while you’re taking the pills and then continue that pattern after your regimen is complete.

2. Eating Foods with High Amounts of Empty Calories

Keep in mind that healthy eating is important when trying to maintain your weight. You may want to spread out your meals or limit your caloric intake but be mindful of the foods you choose. Highly processed items and diet options are not as good as they sound and eating too much of them can become of those strange reasons for weight gain that you never saw coming.

3. Living with Unmanaged Disorders

Regardless of the foods you eat, and the diet pills you take, one of the most mysterious reasons for weight gain is the presence of some unknown disorder or illness. Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and eating disorders might be catalysts for adverse reactions to special diet plans, workout regimen, or diet pill use. That is why it is extremely important for you to speak with a doctor before taking any medications, even those over-the-counter diet pills that you use to help shed unwanted pounds.

4. Unmanaged Mental Illness

Just as physical illnesses and conditions come with a spectrum of symptoms, so do mental illnesses.  Among them can become the reasons for weight gain you weren’t expecting.  This can include everything from comfort eating due to depression or a lack of motivation to exercise due to exhaustion, to side effects from medications that will treat anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and others.

5. Undiagnosed Digestive Issues

Anything from slow digestion leading to slow bowel movements, to food intolerances or even mild dehydration can be reasons for weight gain. These pounds aren’t in the form of body fat accumulation, but that isn’t obvious when you see the numbers rising on the scale.  Instead, you’re retaining water or simply not expelling waste at the ideal rate, so your body will appear larger than it would be without the added bloating.

If you think this may be the reason, speak to your doctor about overcoming constipation.  Also, make sure you’re drinking enough water every day to stay hydrated and avoid water retention.  Proper hydration will help you to avoid constipation, too!

6. Choosing the Wrong Solutions to Energy Challenges

Are you constantly tired? Do you get sick more often than the other people in your life with more colds and other seasonal conditions?  You should definitely get checked out by a doctor to ensure there isn’t an underlying condition at play. It could simply be that you’re low in magnesium, vitamin D, or iron.  If your diet or supplementation doesn’t provide you with what you need, then, you may feel as though you’re constantly drooping. This can become one of the reasons for weight gain.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us don’t even consider going to the doctor and finding out what’s causing our chronic fatigue or seemingly ineffective immune system during cold season.  We compensate by responding to our sugar cravings and drinking extra caffeine throughout the day. These quick fixes help us to feel like we’re overcoming the problem when we’re actually just covering it up. Meanwhile, we’re eating far more empty calories and the pounds creep on.

These are only some of the reasons for weight gain.  If you’re truly not sure where the pounds are coming from, your doctor is always your best resource to find the answers.

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