Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Runners

Mistakes Made by Beginner Runners Running seems like one of those sports that you shouldn’t be able to do incorrectly. After all, humans have been doing it since they were able to stand upright. However, mistakes made by beginner runners are actually very commonplace and can rapidly lead to injuries. Therefore, if you’re hoping to get into running, make sure you’re well aware of the most frequent mistakes so you can avoid them.

The following are the most common mistakes made by beginner runners:

The wrong footwear – what you put on your feet is the most important equipment you can wear when running. If you choose the wrong type of shoes, the right type but in poor condition, or even if you go without socks, you could cause yourself some serious discomforts and injuries.
Before you get started, go to a store that specializes in running. That will make sure that the salespeople will be trained in your specific sport. You’ll be able to learn about your foot type and examine your gait.

Running shoes last for about 300 to 350 miles, so keep track of your distance so you’ll know when you’ll need to replace them.
Pushing yourself too hard – one of the worst mistakes made by beginner runners, and the most common, is taking on too much running too early. This is a sport that needs a gradual build. If you’re just getting started now, don’t start signing up for races and half marathons yet. More isn’t always better with running. Oftentimes, it’s actually worse. Give yourself the time to improve quite slowly. This way, you’ll avoid getting hurt and you’ll know when you’re actually ready to take on a challenge.

Using the wrong stride – running down the street is one thing. Running as a sport is something else. Like any other sport, you need to know how to do it. Most new runners have a tendency to take strides that are far too long. Learn about your center of gravity and don’t try to step far in front of it in the hopes of gaining speed and distance. If you don’t know about the proper running stride, it’s a good idea to speak with someone who knows what they’re doing. This information can go a long way in improving your performance while avoiding getting hurt.

As you avoid these mistakes, make sure you are wearing the right clothing and are staying hydrated.

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