How to Improve Your Metabolic Rate To Rev Up Fat Burning

IMPROVE YOUR METABOLIC RATE Increasing your metabolism will ensure that your body will continue working hard throughout the day and night to help you rev up fat burning. This will help you slim down and get the body that you’ve always wanted, especially if you’ve been experiencing some difficulties with losing weight. Keep reading to learn how to improve your metabolic rate and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Cut Calories Without Getting Hungry When You Improve Metabolic Rate

Many people find it very difficult to cut calories because the fewer calories they consume, the hungrier they feel, and that leads to overeating.

The key is to not only reduce the number of calories that you eat, but also keep your blood sugar balanced to avoid cravings by eating several small meals a day. 1,200 calories is what most people need to maintain basic function, but if you consume fewer than 1,200 calories, your metabolism will slow down and begin to break down muscle instead of fat for energy. If you can eat enough food so you aren’t hungry, such as by incorporating 150-calorie snacks in between meals, you can keep your metabolism focused on burning calories and fat.

Drink More Coffee or Tea

In addition to eating the right foods throughout the day, incorporating the right beverages will also help to improve your metabolic rate. Great examples are tea and coffee, which both contain caffeine to stimulate the nervous system. This has to do with how thermogenics work. Through the stimulation of the nervous system, it boosts the heart rate and body temperature. This, in turn, can speed up your metabolism by up to 8%, which translates to up to an additional 98-174 calories burned daily, depending on how much coffee or tea is consumed and how steadily throughout the day. Tea can increase your metabolism by up to 12% while providing your body with helpful antioxidants. Just remember to drink these beverages without adding any calories in the form of sugar or cream, as this will counter any benefits you get in terms of fat burning.

Switch to Organic Foods

Organic foods aren’t just better for the environment, they’re also much better for your health. Now, researchers have found that organic foods can even improve your metabolic rate. Canadian researchers determined that dieters who had the most pollutants in their bodies had a higher-than-normal decrease in their metabolism as they tried to lose weight. The toxins, which are stored within fat cells, interfere with the body’s energy burning process, and pesticides could also trigger weight gain.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Eliminating, or at least cutting back on alcohol consumption can also help you rev up your metabolism. This is because your body burns less fat when you drink. The alcohol is utilized as fuel rather than the food you eat.

It’s clear that small changes in your daily habits can have a big impact on your metabolic rate. Follow all of the tips above to see results faster.

Spice It Up to Improve Metabolic Rate

Spicy food can help to boost your body’s thermogenesis, just like some stimulants.  The capsaicin in chili peppers raise your body temperature, meaning that it is burning more calories as fuel for that added heat. It can also help to make your food more satisfying due to the burst of added flavor, meaning that in some people, it controls appetite as well, which is certainly helpful when you’re trying to lose weight.

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