Why You Need a Healthy First Meal of the Day Even if it’s Not Breakfast

Importance of a Healthy First Meal of the Day To get your digestive system off to a great start every day, it’s important to enjoy a healthy first meal of the day. That said, unlike what you may have learned growing up, that meal may not necessarily be breakfast. Call it what you like and start when it’s right for you. The key is to ensure that when you do start eating every day, you make nutritious choices.

Research has shown that while breakfast is absolutely integral for some people, it can be optional for others. This was quite surprising when it was always assumed that this early meal is the key to getting the day right. As it turns out, as long as you have a healthy first meal of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have it soon after waking in the morning, or several hours later because you’re intermittent fasting.

The Importance of a Healthy First Meal of the Day

What you eat when you break your fast (breakfast or not) will tell your metabolism what it will be doing for the rest of the day. It will give you the energy you need to keep going, the nutrients to avoid unwanted food cravings, and the drive to be physically active. It can help to improve your focus, and it can decide whether or not you are able to concentrate.

Choosing to make it a healthy first meal of the day will help you to control your weight, fitness and even your stress levels. Some believe it can even play a vital role in your ability to sleep at night. However, opting for junk food regardless of its nutritional value can have the opposite impact on your day. It can be harmful to your physical energy and your mood, can make you unproductive and can harm your ability and desire for self-care.

Balance Your First Daily Meal

Whenever you have it, choose the right foods for your healthy first meal of the day. Look to combine some whole grains for fast energy and B vitamins to support your mental health. Add lean protein to help you feel full longer with lasting energy. Don’t forget a touch of healthy fat to make sure your body is able to absorb the vitamins and minerals you consume.

Avoid meals that are made of nearly all carbohydrates, that are laden with sugar and that don’t provide you with fiber or lasting energy. They will only cause your energy levels to spike and crash and won’t set up your metabolism or vital systems to perform at their best.

Water Tops Off a Healthy First Meal of the Day

Don’t forget that any healthy first meal of the day comes with a glass of water. In fact, many people drink a glass of water when they first get up, even before they sit down to a meal. This helps to rehydrate you after going all night without water, pumps you full of energy and gets your metabolism ready to fire up as soon as you have something great to eat.

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