Do You Have the Toned, Firm Glutes Making the Hottest Fitness Statement?

Toned Firm glutesBody shapes, like clothing fashions, have their own trends, and firm glutes are all the rage right now. Social media is filled with pictures of women who are either working on – or have achieved – the perfect backside.

Firm glutes as a trendy body shape is hardly anything new. After all, that was the whole point to Buns of Steel, which was originally available on VHS video tape. Considering that the last company in the world manufacturing VCRs shut down in July 2016, it’s a clear illustration of the age of that trend.

What Are Firm Glutes?

For the last couple of decades, the trend for the female body has been a sleek and willowy one. This involved a relatively small and flat derriere with soft curves. Today’s firm glutes are more about having a fit, relatively prominent backside. Tight muscles create deeper curves to the female shape.

After years of avoiding this look, it now appears to be all women want from their shape. Gyms certainly haven’t failed to notice. You can find everything from boot camps to barre classes and YouTube videos galore. The entire fitness world is focused on helping you get firm glutes.

Firm Glutes Are Sexy but Strong

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Fitness and fashion experts say that firm glutes place the focus back on the sexy look of curves. Curves were out of fashion for quite a while during the time when being ultra-thin was all the rage. However, that extremely skinny look is finally starting to fade out in favor of a fitter, curvier female appearance.

Moreover, at a time when feminism is seeing much more time in the spotlight, this look also conveys strength. It may seem strange to say that a firm backside is an indication of power, but it is.

Women who do regular workouts to keep up their muscle tone also benefit from improved overall body strength and balance. This boosts confidence and gives an impression of being physically stronger. In this way, those firm glutes are just one part of an overall strategy to honor a woman’s natural shape, strength, fitness and wellness. When done right, this self-care can also be a great way to give your self-image a shot in the rear!

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