Exercising for Weight Loss Results Shrinks Your Body and Boosts Your Mind

Exercising for Weight Loss Results and Mental HealthExercising for weight loss results aren’t just great for your body, according to newly released research.  While you’re working on achieving better physical health or on your appearance (or both), you’ll also be helping to keep up your thinking speed.  This is yet another piece of vital evidence showing that mental and physical health aren’t two separate categories but are two interwoven components of one larger unit of health.

Keep Your Brain Fit by Exercising for Weight Loss Results

As a result, if you need yet another piece of motivation to get yourself exercising for weight loss results, then add faster thinking to your list.  Moreover, if you keep it up over time, you’ll also be able to keep up those thinking benefits into your later years.  Keeping your body fit, as it seems, also keeps up your mental and cognitive wellness as you age.

If you’re a woman, you stand to enjoy even greater benefits in this category than your male counterparts.  The new study showed that women’s mental processing experiences even greater improvements than men’s do from a boost of exercise.  This type of exercise doesn’t mean a long and intense session at the gym. It could be something as straightforward as walking or cycling for a minimum of 15 minutes per week.

As you can see, every little bit of physical activity really does play a role in your overall physical wellness. And now even if you’ve been doing it with the intention of exercising for weight loss, you can feel good that you’re also giving your ability to think a bit of a hand too.

Slowing Cognitive Aging

One of the central aspects of cognitive aging has to do with delays in the processing speed of the brain.  This slows down the capacity of a person to be able to plan, problem solve, and remain focused on their tasks. It also makes it easier for them to engage with others.

No matter the reason you’re becoming more physically active, whether it’s exercise for weight loss results, heart health or even to feel better emotionally, you can now also know that you’re supporting your brain’s processing speed as well.  Over time, you’ll be able to keep up your thinking speed more than you otherwise would as you age. If you’re a woman, that’s particularly true.

The research was conducted by University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine researchers led by professor of neurosciences Judy Pa.  The research was recently published in the American Academy of Neurology medical journal.

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