Can Eating in Front of a Mirror Really Help You Lose More Weight?

Eating in Front of a Mirror for weight lossUniversity of Central Florida researchers recently discovered that eating in front of a mirror makes a difference. In fact, the difference it makes is in reducing the appeal of unhealthy food. This technique could potentially help people to lose weight more easily by making unhealthy foods less appetizing.

The research involved participation from 185 undergrad students. They were divided into two groups. The first group ate in a room where they were eating in front of a mirror. The second group ate in a room without mirrors.

All the participants were asked to choose either a serving of fruit salad or a piece of chocolate cake.

The students who chose the chocolate cake but who were eating in front of a mirror didn’t like the cake as much as those who ate without a mirror. This could suggest that all foods are less tasty when you eat them in front of a reflection. However, the research indicated that might not be true.

All the participants who ate the fruit salad enjoyed the taste. This was regardless of whether they were sitting in front of a mirror or not. Therefore, it may be that eating in front of a mirror doesn’t make food less appealing. It could be that this behavior makes unhealthful food less appealing.

Ata Jami, the lead researcher, believes that looking in the mirror doesn’t just make people see their physical appearance. It also helps people to see themselves more objectively. They can see how they look and how their behaviors look. They can judge themselves in the same way they would judge other people. This was particularly evident in weight discrimination.

The scientists found that the mirrors made people judge themselves based on the “social standard for correctness” of society. If the participants saw themselves as failing in the way they interpreted the standard, they would feel uncomfortable. The sense of failure or discomfort was heightened in those cases.

Jami explained that people don’t want to see themselves eating unhealthful foods that don’t suit a healthful eating standard.

Eating in front of a mirror may help people to remind themselves to live up to their own standards. This reminder of the importance of healthful eating may potentially guide people to make better eating choices. This may then result in easier weight loss as the decisions will occur more naturally.

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