Adipex Diet Pills Are Not a Long-Term Weight Loss Solution

Adipex Diet Pills Long TermAdipex diet pills can be an important part of an obesity treatment.  This drug, a brand name version of Phentermine, can be an important part of an obesity weight loss solution but is meant to be used over the short term.

Adipex Diet Pills Aren’t Useful in the Long-Term

There are many reasons that Adipex diet pills are used only over the short term.  These all have to do with what the drug is, and the way in which it helps to provide weight loss support. Consider the following facts about this prescription drug to better understand why it is meant to provide short-term assistance instead of being a solution to use over the long term.

The Body Builds a Tolerance to These Fast Diet Pills

Adipex diet pills are typically prescribed for only a few weeks at a time.  While they do work for many obesity patients as fast diet pills, the body rapidly builds a tolerance to the effects. Therefore, with each passing week, the pills may become slightly less effective, until they reach the point in which they are no longer beneficial.

Increasing the dose of these pills does not make them more effective at that point. It only increases the chances of experiencing strong or even dangerous side effects. Therefore, even when used for a few months, a doctor will prescribe a break from the medication every few weeks in order to keep this medication effective.

Adipex Diet Pills Are Addictive

Another major issue regarding Adipex diet pills is that they are addictive.  As the body builds a tolerance to this medication, it can also build a dependency.  This can lead to very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.  Some doctors recommend a gradual cessation strategy from this medication, even if the patient has been using it for only a few weeks. This helps to prevent the risk of suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

The Purpose of These Pills is to Build Lifestyle Habits

Another main reason Adipex diet pills are not a long-term solution to weight loss is that they are not meant to cause body fat to disappear. Their purpose is to provide the obesity patient with support in more easily building healthy lifestyle habits such as eating within an appropriate daily calorie range and increasing daily physical activity levels.

Once these habits are set, it’s easier for the patient to be able to continue keeping them up even while unassisted.  Moreover, since this is an obesity drug and after a certain length of time, the patient will have lost enough weight that they are no longer considered to be obese, the pills would no longer be appropriate at that time.

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